Endless thanks to God almighty kindly empowered me to prepare and publish the fourth volume of national songs and native Iranian melodies collection. The beautiful and Everlasting works which after passing many years have already maintained their complacency and reputation among music fans and never fade out and will glow on the brink of Iran music for good.
Knowing the necessity of maintaining and publishing these works as invaluable artistic heritage of our country and taking in to account the significance and value of these works for music education and research I publish the collection. Now, a four volume collection consists of the most beautiful national music and Iran native melodies become accessible for music fans. For the information of the fans, a complete list of available songs, melodies and other in existence fragments in the four volume collection is included which facilitates the access of fans and researchers to given songs and works. Music fans and respected master minds could send their views and comments over this book and also previous volumes to E-mail of the author.

At the end I hope that publishing these valuable works could serve the Iran national music community.

With regards and hope

Anoosh Jahanshahi

Tehran- Summer 2002




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