From antiquity , land of Iran with very protracted historical and cultural background is the seat of civilization , culture , art and science and in this sense the Iranian music may be more confronted with sensations, feelings and thinking of different categories of the society rather than other arts. This music with varied dimensions enjoys much enriched folkloric aspects in addition to rhyme and in this context has significant diversity. These valuable and attractive treasures, regarded as the land of Iran cultural and ethnic heritage, are the obvious paradigm of simple and dowdy people feelings and tastes which have been transferred from generation to generation and handed over to us. Therefore, preserving and keeping of them are the national duty of all art fans and pious people.

Additionally, some beautiful and pleasant works in the frame work of the songs but in modern shape could be seen in Iranian music which have been produced and played by talented and conscious artist in different eras.. Beholden to their structural and sentimental inducements, these works are always accepted by individuals and groups and they should be regarded as a part of national music. The important point which should be considered that the music like other arts should be copped with special temporal conditions and enjoyed of a plan proportional to the community. Currently, considerable and large number of interested and talented juveniles for learning the music requires the adopting the new educational methods and also attractive and joyful melodies not only to meet the their mental and intellectual needs but also to develop and actuate the their dynamic incentives and creative morale. In this way by securing the cultural roots of Iran music, the success could be achieved in purpose of its propagation and generalization receiving the same pace of the young generation. Unfortunately, in recent years instead of quantitative growth of books and training materials in the field of Iranian music, the juvenile real needs and demands have been not received sufficient attention and a deep gap is felt over the sources that should have met the available needs.

The current book is being prepared regarding this point of view and in reply to such a need and in compiling the contents the attempt is made to consider the students capabilities in different educational levels. Also, it is tried that next to the melodies of different areas, the constituent poems of each one are being gathered and registered, with incurred native accent of that area as an step forward in registration of verbal literature of Iran different ethnics and making the book contents more attractive and fruitful. It should be mentioned that this is the first volume of a four volume collection from which other three volumes i.e. Stars uproar, Caravan fire, and Dawn courier were published.
The songs of these books are played in Setar and recorded in two albums (cassettes and CDs) designated “Everlasting songs 1,2 “ for students and interested people to find the their executive status better via hearing these songs. It is hoped that publishing of this collection could improve the scientific and practical capabilities of the students in creating the incentive for better, more effective and instrumental learning.

 Anoosh Jahanshahi

Tehran-Spring 2000


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