The book of Jan-e Maryam (The first volume of this collection) was published in last fall. As it expected the book confronted with warm welcome of art students and fans all over the country which caused the book to be run out rapidly and the number of demands reached to the point that in the winter of the same year the second edition came to the market. This attention and welcome make me more committed in continuation of the way that I was tackled and here I take it as my obligation to express my sincere gratitude for the dear people who encourage, from near and far, me to continue my work with their pure compliments and comments.
Concerning the general objectives behind this work I mentioned what I must say in the introduction of Jan-e-Maryam. But it seems necessary to give a summary explanation for the current book.

The songs and fragments of this book are the selection of the works of the distinguished elite and artists of this land who have been kept their credibility and inducement during the years and carved in minds which in turn reveals the distinguished talent of artists who created and played them. Beside these works, some of common and acceptable non- Persian songs were put forward in order to produce more diversity the fragments of this book.

The music students will be encouraged to continue their work in every stage of their advance via playing one of these songs and this in turn pave the way for connecting with more fruitful and beautiful world of Iranian music.

In fact, the main objective of this selection lies in one hand in keeping and registering the valuable and beautiful Iranian music works and on the other hand introducing the right kind of song and music and improving and handling of their taste.

I hope to compile other valuable and beautiful Iranian music works and publish them in the near future and make a useful and valuable collection for music students and fans accessible. 

With vast gratitude and best regards and by asking the permission from each and every artists and masters who create these works ,at the end I would like to thank my dear and respected master, Mr. Jalal Zolfonioon who encourage me to conduct this work.

Anoosh Jahanshahi

Spring 2001



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