1. The current book is the third volume of a four volume collection .

2. To observe the gratefulness and honesty, the names of songs, poems and composers are mentioned.

3. In purpose of rendering this collection in more complete form and to produce compliance between poem and music the song verses are written beneath the relevant notes with Latin alphabets phonetically .This not only assists for better reading of the poems but also induces the understanding of proper combination of the word with melody and shows their relation with each other.

4. For some parts note writing of accompany musical instruments are relinquished due to inappropriateness with single playing of Tar and Setar although in some parts they are mentioned due to appropriate pertaining.

5. In cases where songs have two different playing, the more famous one is taken in to consideration.

6. It should be mentioned that note is not able to completely reflect and transfer the whole delicacy and fine things of a work from live playing in to printed book pages .Note is a kind of frame work which familiarize the player with general structure of the subject. Nevertheless the attempt is made in note writing of this collection to describe the given specifications of work creators as far as possible.


7. Taking in to account the executive capabilities and feasibilities of their special music instruments, players of other Iranian music instruments can implement and play whole contents of the book after transforming the notes in to more appropriate forms.

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