: Anoosh Jahanshahi

Born on Now.23,1973 Tehran-Iran

Composer, Master of Tar & Setar , Vocalist,Author and Teacher

Master Of Music(MA)

Board of Directors member of Association of Iran's House of Music




















Musical Education:

Master Jalal Zolfonoun:

Training Setar; the traditional Radif of Persian art music (receiving appreciation letter)

Master Houshang Zarif:

Training Tar

Master Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab:

Cognoscibles of Music science

Master Farhad Fakhroddini:

Theory of music; Harmony; assimilation of poem and music

Master Kambiz Roshan ravan :

Orchestration; Counter point; Form & Analysis; Composition; Film music

Master Sharif Lotfi :

Solfege; Hearing Education

Master Mohsen Elhamian:

Theory of music; Solfege; Harmony (receiving appreciationletter)

Musical Post Heldand Soppervisor:


Teaching in University Jihad Higher Education Institute; Applied scientific University ; High Conservatory of Tehran ; Tamashagah-e Raz Cultural & Art Institute And private classes

Direct Responsible for Music Academy of Golbang-e Taraneh

Holding Numerous Training and Research Workshops in Various Universities such as Faculty of Art and Architecture, Pars University and so on. 


Holding numerous training Workshops and teaching in London University and British Academy and Primary and secondary schools of England and Scotland in the field of:

Introducing the Iranian Culture and Art, Analysis of Persian Music letter,

The relation between Iranian Literature , Mysticism and Music.

Anoosh Jahanshahi has performed numerous Concerts in many countries such as : France , Germany, Russia , England , Espain , Scotland , China , Malaysia , Thailand , Singapore , Georgia , Azerbaijan , Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Artistic Works:


-Five Volumes of Books” in the field of note writing and transcription of national popular songs and Iranian folkish melodies with CD named as:

Jan-e Maryam (2000); Ghogha-ye Setaregan (for Tar and Setar)(2001); Ghogha-ye Setaregan (for Dulcimer) (2002); Atash-e Karevan (2003); Peyk-e Sahari (2003)

-Compiling and editing the fourth book of Setar training (written by Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun) (for advanced trainees) (1999)

-Editing and rewriting of the book “Analysis of Persian Music” (in two languages of Persian and English) (written by Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun) (2000)

-The book “Chatr-e Eshgh” (works collection No. 1 of Anoosh Jahanshahi) (2008)

-The book "Taknavaz" (works collection of Arsalan Dargahi for Setar)(2009)

-The book "The Chord Wheel" (The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians)(2010)(Translator)

-The book “Acquainted Land” (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2011)

-Fugue &, Invention ( 3 parts(Sinfonia) & 2 partsfor Iranian Ensemble and Classical Ensemble

The book The Garden of Song" Training Tar & Setar for kids and teens in two volumes  


Music Albums:

-Everlasting Songs and MelodiesVol. :1 (Arangement and playing Iranian folkish melodies) (2003)

-Everlasting Songs and Melodies, Vol. :2 (Arangement and playing Iranian national popular songs and folkish melodies) (2004)

-Chatr-e Eshgh (composing, arrangement, singing, and playing the music) (2007)

-Acquainted Land , Vol. :1 (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2009)

-Acquainted Land , Vol. :2 (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2009)

- Fugue & Invention (Sinfonia) : for Iranian Ensemble and Classical Ensemble (2010)

-Golden Memoris (Vol. 1 )(Singing Turkish’s memorable Songs by AnooshJahanshahi)

-Golden Memoris (Vol. 2 )(Singing Turkish’s memorable Songs by AnooshJahanshahi)

-Majnoon-e Zamaneh(Composing and Playing Tar And Setar)(2017)

Other works:

-Composing and playing the music of the film HafezTongue of the Hidden” ordered by the fourth network of the English TV (2006)

-Playing Setar in the titration and the context of the film “Trip to Hidalou” produced by Mojtaba Raeei (2005)

-Playing Tar and Setar in Title Sequence of the TV Series by the Name of ((Irandokht))(2018)

-Composing and playing the music of the Publicity Film for East department (SOAS) of London university (2012)

-Playing Setar in the Album “The Good News of Rain” composed by Kambiz Roshanravan and sung by Bijan Bijani (2006)

-Cooperating in recording and playing 6 CDs of Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun’s Setar training (2000-2001)

-Composing a Choral piece base on a poem of  Rumi for Tehran Choir (2017)

Composing a Lullaby in Choral form(2017)



1-Music is the Beautiful and Wonderful Description of Sentiments.

2-Examination of Fajr Music Festival

3-Present Obstacles on the Path of the Iranian Traditional Music

4-Pathology of Vocalization in the Iranian Music

5-Examination of Mr. Zolfonoun’s Setar method

6-Which Music is more precious?

7-Don’t Mistake Values for Wrong Ones!

8-Achievement of Training Persian Music in English Schools

9-Persian Traditional Music Is Among the Most Rooted Music in the World

10-Distinction between Instruments Sound and Instruments Language

11-Anatolian Folk Music

12-Traditional Music of Azerbaijan (Mughams)

13-The Accurate Customs of Lestening to Music

14-Definition of Real Artists and Separation them from Other Practitioners in Art and Quasi Artists



-Concerts in various cities of Gilan province (1993) (superintending of Nava-ye Del group and playing setar)

-Concert in Abadeh, Fars province, with Zolfonoun group (1999)

-Concert in Chahar Mahal-e Bakhtiari province with Zolfonoun group (1999)

-Concert in Vahdat auditorium with Zolfonoun group (2001)

-Concert in Tabriz Moalem auditorium with Zolfonoun group (2001)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Rasht (2005)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Gilan University(2005)

-Concert in Tehran Kherad auditorium (2011)

-Concert in Tehran Milad auditorium (2012)


-Playing numerous TV and scene programs in Berlin, Germany (2003)

-Concert in Spain (Mayuca) (2003)

-Concert in Glasgow, Scotland in Carling Academy Auditorium, with Multi Kulti group (2004)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Kensington Town Hall, London, England (2005)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Iranians Residing in Scotland Society (ISA), Scotland (2005)

-Concert in Portsmouth Cathedral in England (2007)

-Concert in Merchant City International Festival in Scotland (2005)

-Concert in Lewes International Live Literature Festival in England (2006)

-Concert in International World Sufi Festival in Scotland (2008)

-Fall Festival concert in Scotland (Tour Hafez) in the cities of Aberdeen,Stirling,Banchory, Edinburgh and Glasgow with Red Note group.( Queen Hall-November 2012)

-Concert in British Academy(London 2014)






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