: Anoosh Jahanshahi

Composer, Master of Setar , Vocalist,Author and Teacher

Master Of Music(MA)

Born on Nov. 23, 1973Tehran – Iran

Afficial and Permanent member of Association of Irans's House of Music

                   Artistic Inspector


















Musical Education:

Master Jalal Zolfonoun:

Playing Setar; the traditional Radif of Persian art music (receiving appreciation letter)

Master Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab:

Cognoscibles of Music science

Master Farhad Fakhroddini:

Theory of music; Harmony; assimilation of poem and music

Master Kambiz Roshan ravan :

Orchestration; Counter point; Form & Analysis; Composition; Film music

Master Sharif Lotfi :

Solfege; Hearing Education

Master Mohsen Elhamian:

Theory of music; Solfege; Harmony (receiving appreciationletter)

Musical Post Heldand Soppervisor:


Teaching in University Jihad Higher Education Institute; Applied scientific University ; High Conservatory of Tehran ; Tamashagah-e Raz Cultural & Art Institute ; Sorayesh School; Honar&Andisheh School; Andaliban School;

And private classes


Holding numerous training Workshops and teaching in London University and British Academy and Primary and secondary schools of England and Scotland in the field of:

Introducing the Iranian Culture and Art, Analysis of Persian Music letter,

The relation between Iranian Literature , Mysticism and Music.



-Five Volumes of Books” in the field of note writing and transcription of national popular songs and Iranian folkish melodies with CD named as:

Jan-e Maryam (2000); Ghogha-ye Setaregan (for Tar and Setar)(2001); Ghogha-ye Setaregan (for Dulcimer) (2002); Atash-e Karevan (2003); Peyk-e Sahari (2003)

-Compiling and editing the fourth book of Setar training (written by Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun) (for advanced trainees) (1999)

-Editing and rewriting of the book “Analysis of Persian Music” (in two languages of Persian and English) (written by Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun) (2000)

-The book “Chatr-e Eshgh” (works collection No. 1 of Anoosh Jahanshahi) (2008)

-The book "Taknavaz" (works collection of Arsalan Dargahi for Setar)(2009)

-The book "The Chord Wheel" (The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians)(2010)(Translator)

-The book “Acquainted Land” (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2011)

-Fugue &, Invention ( 3 parts(Sinfonia) & 2 partsfor Iranian Ensemble and Classical Ensemble

Training Tar & Setar for kids and teens in Three Books with CD by the name of " The Garden of Song" (2016-2018)




-Everlasting Songs and MelodiesVol. :1 (drawing-up and playing Iranian folkish melodies) (2003)

-Everlasting Songs and Melodies, Vol. :2 (drawing-up and playing Iranian national popular songs and folkish melodies) (2004)

-Chatr-e Eshgh (composing, arrangement, singing, and playing the music) (2007)

-Acquainted Land , Vol. :1 (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2009)

-Acquainted Land , Vol. :2 (The most beautiful Songs and folkish Melodies of Anatolia & Azerbaija)(2009)

- Fugue & Invention (Sinfonia) : for Iranian Ensemble and Classical Ensemble

-Memoris (Vol. 1 )(Singing Turkish’s memorable Songs by AnooshJahanshahi)

-Memoris (Vol. 2 )(Singing Turkish’s memorable Songs by AnooshJ ahanshahi)


-Composing and playing the music of the film HafezTongue of the Hidden” ordered by the fourth network of the English TV (2006)

-Playing Setar in the titration and the context of the film “Trip to Hidalou” produced by Mojtaba Raeei (2005)

-Composing and playing the music of the Publicity Film for East department (SOAS) of London university (2012)


-Playing Setar in the Album “The Good News of Rain” composed by Kambiz Roshanravan and sung by Bijan Bijani (2006)

-Cooperating in recording and playing 6 CDs of Mr. Jalal Zolfonoun’s Setar training (2000-2001)

Performancing Music in the CDs of High and Primary's Schoolbooks for Ministry of Education in Iran (Speaker Books)



1-Music is the Beautiful and Wonderful Description of Sentiments.

2-Examination of Fajr Music Festival

3-Present Obstacles on the Path of the Iranian Traditional Music

4-Pathology of Vocalization in the Iranian Music

5-Examination of Mr. Zolfonoun’s Setar method

6-Which Music is more precious?

7-Don’t Mistake Values for Wrong Ones!

8-Achievement of Training Persian Music in English Schools

9-Persian Traditional Music Is Among the Most Rooted Music in the World

10-Distinction between Instruments Sound and Instruments Language

11-Anatolian Folk Music

12-Traditional Music of Azerbaijan (Mughams)

13-The Accurate Customs of Lestening to Music

14-Definition of Real Artists and Separation them from Other Practitioners in Art and Quasi Artists



-Concerts in various cities of Gilan province (1993) (superintending of Nava-ye Del group and playing setar)

-Concert in Abadeh, Fars province, with Zolfonoun group (1999)

-Concert in Chahar Mahal-e Bakhtiari province with Zolfonoun group (1999)

-Concert in Vahdat auditorium with Zolfonoun group (2001)

-Concert in Tabriz Moalem auditorium with Zolfonoun group (2001)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Rasht (2005)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Gilan University(2005)

-Concert in Tehran Kherad auditorium (2011)

-Concert in Tehran Milad auditorium (2012)


-Playing numerous TV and scene programs in Berlin, Germany (2003)

-Concert in Spain (Mayuca) (2003)

-Concert in Glasgow, Scotland in Carling Academy Auditorium, with Multi Kulti group (2004)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Kensington Town Hall, London, England (2005)

-Research concert (lecturing and playing music) in Iranians Residing in Scotland Society (ISA), Scotland (2005)

-Concert in Portsmouth Cathedral in England (2007)

-Concert in Merchant City International Festival in Scotland (2005)

-Concert in Lewes International Live Literature Festival in England (2006)

-Concert in International World Sufi Festival in Scotland (2008)

-Fall Festival concert in Scotland (Tour Hafez) in the cities of Aberdeen,Stirling,Banchory, Edinburgh and Glasgow with Red Note group.( Queen Hall-November 2012)

-Concert in British Academy(London 2014)






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